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Aereator Art Glass Award

Art Glass. Aereator art glass. Blacks, reds and plenty of unique bubbles make this huge item appear to be in motion with air coming to the surface. Earth Tones. Product Size: 508Hx165W mm; Base: 51Hx152Wx152D mm. Engraving, Print. Size: 19Hx76W mm.

Flourish Large Art Glass Award

Art Glass. Flourish art glass. Great for humanitarian awards or lifetime achievement, these colourful art glass pieces signify triumph. Multi Coloured. Product Size: 229Hx127Wx76D mm. Sand Etch. Size: 38Hx70W mm.

The Beacon

Glass. Crafted out of optically perfect crystal. Rests on top of a polished rosewood base. Clear/Rosewood. Product Size: 229Hx102Wx76D mm. Sand Etch. Size: 64Hx64W mm.


Glass. This glass art sculpture infuses beautiful ocean blue swirls with a touch of elegance. Rosewood base. Clear/Blue/Rosewood. Product Size: 127Hx76D mm; Base: 70Hx89Wx89D mm. Laser Engraving. Size: 19Hx70W mm.

Ashford Small Plaque Award

Wood. Beautifully grained walnut wood plaque. Beveled edge gives prominence to your message. Walnut. Product Size: 178Hx229Wx19D mm. Print/Laser Engraving. Size: 121Hx171W mm.

3D Crystal Letter Opener

3D Crystal - Customised 3 Dimensional designs laser engraved INSIDE beautiful optical crystal, valued for its brilliant clarity, significant weight and timeless quality. High perceived value product with considerable "Wow" factor and longevity. Represent your brand with unique, high-quality, high-class product that is a real conversation starter. Manufactured locally ensuring short leadtimes and no minimum order quantity. 3D crystal is perfect for awards, corporate gifts, paperweights, commemorative items, staff and service rewards, promotional products, desk and stationery items, trophies, merchandise and memorabilia. A specialised subsurface laser engraving system is used to etch the artwork within crystal. In simple terms, a lens is used to focus a laser beam to a point below the crystal surface. At this focus point the energy is high enough to create a tiny fracture inside the crystal glass. The energy of the out-of-focus light is not high enough to have an effect, so the surface of the crystal is not disturbed. We use state-of-the-art German laser systems to ensure the highest quality engraving. The precision control of the laser system is carefully calibrated to ensure the fractures occur at exactly the correct location. The engraved image is formed by producing hundreds of thousands of fractures. The engraved points appear white in normal ambient lighting conditions. Our experienced team of specialist designers can create 3D models of just about anything using dedicated 3D software. Using reference images supplied by the customer, they construct detailed digital 3D designs that can be viewed from all angles. Complex machinery, vehicles, architecture, anatomical and industrial designs look fantastic when engraved inside crystal. Even simple graphics, such as logos and text, can be given depth to convert them into 3D. We can even convert a 2D portrait photograph of a person or animal into 3D.
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